In some cases, your home’s structure is good, but it needs some remodeling.  This Warehouse District condo was in need of a makeover…

A complete kitchen and bath update were needed, and the old factory floor, over 100 years old, had a large mound between the kitchen and living room – nearly impossible to level.

The kitchen was gutted and outfitted with custom cabinets, granite counters, attractive fixtures and lighting to fit the New Orleans motif of the finished result.   Leveler was poured and the baseboards were re-fitted to create a level surface for the attractive laminate flooring.

The bathroom was also gutted and a new vanity and tub were installed, travertine floors and walls were added, and all-new fixtures gave it a classic, but updated finish.  The bedroom and living room laminate floors modernized the warehouse structure, and the historic windows were trimmed in chocolate paint to accent the new, warm colors of the painted walls and bricks.

This tiny condo now rents for $2,500 per month in downtown New Orleans!