Homeowner Maintenance Program


Beck Renovations has vast experience with second home owners’ properties, which forms the basis of our monthly maintenance program – an important, cost-saving preventative checklist of items we maintain to protect your most important investment.

Whether your home is your primary residence, or you entrust it to someone else while you’re away, it’s easy to let the little things slip by… then face a daunting list of needed repairs or a problem with a major heating and cooling system which could have been prevented – by simple, regular upkeep!

We visit your home monthly and inspect a checklist of items to make sure everything is in good condition.  For a modest monthly fee of $35.00, you’ll be assured that someone is keeping an eye on your property and staying ahead of costly repairs down the road.

As a subscriber to our monthly maintenance program, you’ll reap the benefits of the first hour of labor, plus additional hours at a “members-only” rate of just $45.00 per hour.

For a detailed, itemized list of the checks we perform each month, click below:

Beck Renovations checklist1 – PDF